Congratulations to iLuffy for winning 1st Place on Race to Level 400 Event!
He is also the owner of KATIPUNERO, rockstarrr and Police so you still have a chance to win 2nd place and 3rd place. ;)

Come and join to HardcoreMU!


Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Nationality: Filipino
Experience: 50x (Non VIP)
ML Experience: 30x (Non VIP)
Max Master Level: 200
Server Drop Rate: 20%
Max Excellent: 2opt (+1 Senior Mix)
Max Socket: 3 Slot (Level 3)
Excellent 380: No
Excellent Socket: No
Excellent Ancient: No
Harmony Ancient: Yes
Harmony Socket: No
Points per Level: Normal
Chaos Machine: Webzen Default
Balanced PvP
Magic Gladiator & Dark Lord Create Level: 220 (MG), 250 (DL)
Summoner & Rage Fighter Create Level: 150 (SUM), 150 (RF) (You need Summoner Card and Rage Fighter Card)

Server Files: Premium X-Team Files
Anti Cheat Protected Powered by MHP Licensed File.

No Item Donation
No Freebies
Open PHP
Long Term Server
WCoins Donation System for Buffs, Stats Reset and More. (20% OFF on First Month)

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Server Info

Server Files:Premium X-Team
Version:Season 6 Ep3
Experience:x50 Non VIP
ML Experience:x30 Non VIP
Max Master Level:200
Drop Rate:20%
Chaos Combination:Default
Reset System:No Reset
Max Excellent:2opt (+1 Senior Mix)
Max Socket Slot:3 Slot (Level 3)
Excellent 380:No
Excellent Socket:No
Excellent Ancient:No
Harmony Ancient:Yes
Total Accounts209
Total Characters241
Total Guilds5
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